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99 Background Songs and Loops


This Download package gives you PLENTY of music background loops to give your productions the polished feel you've been after.

This is Royalty Free music for movie, business, web, TV, retail, Youtube, stock production, on hold and more! If you have spent any time at all online looking for background music you know that they can often be priced over $100 per DVD. This is the solution you need to utilize simple, high end music background material for less than $30!

With this package you receive 99 BACKGROUND MUSIC SONGS AND LOOPS for instant download. The music is provided in pristine CD-Quality .WAV 16-bit 44.1 Format.

TV and Movie producers have been using music elements such as these for years because they help to simplify the creation of powerful content. Today many music/video artists, business people and hobbyists are producing cool content for everything -- YouTube, advertising, product demos, education, etc. You'll find similar BACKGROUND MUSIC PRODUCTION ELEMENTS in their arsenal of tools.

Click the button below to download it now for only 29.95!

As always, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not honestly happy with what you discover...

Audio Samples

Sample-11-Vivaldi - Winter (Four Seasons)
Sample-15-Sweet Musak To My Ears
Sample-22-Rock Music Song Loop
Sample-24-Lead Guitar Band Loop
Sample-35-R&B Loop
Sample-45-Jazz Theme With Sax-Keys-Drums
Sample-47-World Groove
Sample-95-Navajo War Drum With Chant.mp3

Complete Track Listing

01-Dramatic Theme Song.wav
02-Smooth Lounge.wav
03-Urban Love Theme.wav
04-Dramatic Mood.wav
05-Easy Listening Theme.wav
06-Synth Chorus.wav
07-Relaxing Uplifting Theme.wav
08-Miscellaneous 1.wav
09-Happy Vibe.wav
10-Miscellaneous 2.wav
11-Vivaldi - Winter (Four Seasons).wav
12-Elevator Ride.wav
13-Bach - Air.wav
14-Relaxing Uplifting ThemeFull.wav
15-Sweet Musak To My Ears.wav
16-Banjo On A Farm.wav
17-Beach Sounds.wav
18-Fast Action Loop.wav
19-Relaxing Uplifting Theme60sec.wav
20-Electronic Theme.wav
21-Rock Band Theme Loop.wav
22-Rock Music Song Loop.wav
23-Galloping Horses.wav
24-Lead Guitar Band Loop.wav
25-Rock Band Loop.wav
26-A Day At The Races.wav
27-Honkey Tonk Car Race.wav
28-Synth Loop.wav
29-Soft Jazz Piano Loop.wav
30-Chillout Long.wav
31-TV Intro Theme Loop.wav
32-TV Show Theme.wav
33-Swing Music Loop.wav
34-Blues Honkey Tonk Harmonica Loop.wav
35-Rn B Loop.wav
36-Groovy Electronic Talk.wav
37-Heavy Metal Anthem Loop.wav
38-Suspenseful Theme.wav
39-Countdown To Lift Off.wav
40-Military Battle March.wav
41-Rock Instrument.wav
42-Galactic Flyby.wav
43-Funky Horror.wav
44-Long Synth Intro.wav
45-Jazz Theme With Sax-Keys-Drums.wav
46-Upbeat Guitar and Drums Loop.wav
47-World Groove.wav
48-Slide Guitar Theme Loop.wav
49-Sci-Fi Theme.wav
50-Walkie Talkie With Siren Loop.wav
51-70's Groove.wav
52-Keyboard Rock Loop.wav
53-Funky Groove Loop.wav
54-Eruptions Rock Theme Long.wav
55-Departing friend.wav
56-Loop 22.wav
57-Orchestral Loop.wav
58-Inspirational Theme Music.wav
59-Groove At Football Practise.wav
60-Miscellaneous 4 - 32 sec.wav
61-Miscellaneous 5 - 32 sec.wav
62-Miscellaneous 6 - 32 sec.wav
63-Percsussive Drums - 32 sec.wav
64-Synth Bass Loop- 32 sec.wav
65-Synth Drums Loop- 32 sec.wav
67-Piano Progression Loop.wav
68-Jazz Club Long.wav
69-Orchestral Strings Loop.wav
70-Relaxing Uplifting Theme30sec.wav
71-Electronic Clavinet.wav
72-Groovy Mandolin Long Intro.wav
73-Medium Synth Intro.wav
74-Heavy Guitar and Bass Loop.wav
75-Steel String Guitar Mood.wav
76-Chillout Medium.wav
77-Jazz Club Medium.wav
78-Chillout Short.wav
79-Groovy mandolin Medium Intro.wav
80-Eruptions Rock Theme Medium.wav
81-Miscellaneous 4 - 16 sec.wav
82-Miscellaneous 5 - 16 sec.wav
83-Miscellaneous 6 - 16 sec.wav
84-Percussive Drums - 16 sec.wav
85-Synth Bass Loop- 16 sec.wav
86-Synth Drums Loop- 16 sec.wav
87-Drum and Bass Loop 12.wav
88-Drum and Bass Loop 9.wav
89-Drum and Bass Loop.wav
90-Miscellaneous 10.wav
91-Miscellaneous 3.wav
92-Miscellaneous 7.wav
93-Miscellaneous 8.wav
94-Miscellaneous 9.wav
95-Navajo War Drum With Chant.wav
96-Short Synth Fill.wav
97-Eruptions Rock Theme.wav
98-Jazz Club Short.wav
99-Military Drum Roll.wav